Unique Office Furniture That’ll Keep Employees Happy

People have been talking about reinventing the traditional setting of work offices and office furniture. One company that’s known for incorporating exciting, inventive and fun seating arrangements and workspaces is Google. Other companies could learn how to keep their employees invigorated and inspired with a few unconventional office furniture items, such as a pool table or a hammock chair. Though you’re not likely to choose all of these items, one or two could make a world of difference in your employees’ happiness and comfort.

Bouncy Balls

It’s a well-known fact that humans aren’t meant to sit at a desk all day. Many people use their lunch hour to exercise rather than eat, or stretch at their desk periodically. One way to strengthen your core and improve your posture is to substitute a bouncy exercise ball for your desk chair. Not only will it force you to sit up straight, but also it’ll give you the opportunity to flex your abs while you work.

Hammock Chairs

Break rooms are provided as a place to unwind for employees. Break rooms offer a place to eat lunch, catch up with coworkers, and relax. Instead of having the old-fashioned hard chairs and tables, consider installing a few hammock chairs to let your employees relax in true comfort. The relaxation they’ll get from being reclined and cushioned will invigorate them to work harder once break is over.

Pool Table or Pinball Machine

For companies that specialize in creativity and innovation, employees need to be stimulated in both parts of the brain. While the left-brain is where the technological ideas hatch, the right brain needs stimulation to let the subconscious dream up creative ideas. A pool table or pinball machine is mentally stimulating for the creative part of the brain. By taking a break from daily tasks and challenging yourself in a new way, you’re likely to think of more creative ideas. Though these games aren’t traditional office furniture, they could offer employees a creative outlet other than scrolling on Facebook or staring at the wall.

Plants and Trees

Humans, just like all other creatures, originate from nature. A space surrounded by lush green plants and blooming flowers is soothing and relaxing. Office furniture shouldn’t be limited to simple hardware, but should include potted plants and small trees that can fit indoors. A building nestled in the woods or beside a mountain should take advantage of the view by installing numerous windows. A plant or two in the immediate desk area will not only brighten your mood, but also provide extra oxygen for increased blood flow to the brain.

Mood Lighting

The type of light we work in can affect us greatly. A common woe of cubicle workers is the fluorescent lighting that constantly gives people headaches. Employers should go the extra mile and install nicer light fixtures with dimming settings and colored covers. Working in a spotlight is fatiguing and employees are likely to stay fresh for longer without having to battle off a light-induced headache.

If You Want a Great, Low-Budget Event, Consider Event Furniture Hire

Event furniture rent provides a terrific means of securing the chairs, tables and other furniture items you need to throw a successful party or event. Do not spend exorbitant amounts of money on purchasing furniture items outright. Exhibition furniture hire can provide you with all the hardware and presentation tools you need to land new clients and impress your fellow salespeople. Bar hire is sure to earn your company big points when it comes to any large event or exhibition, as people always love a little mixing and mingling with a cocktail in hand.

Take the edge off of major business functions by incorporating a bare hire into your event budget. When you purchase a package deal that includes both an event furniture rent and bar provisions, you are likely to save even more on the entire event. Exhibition furniture hire allows you to focus your energies on hosting a stellar event, allowing you to pass the bulk of set-up responsibilities to your event company.

Keep your event low-budget while still creating a lavish affair by renting furniture and equipment instead of purchasing it outright. When the event is over, your furniture hire company will take all of the rental equipment away for you, leaving you with less clean up responsibilities to worry about.

Furniture hire is a proven method of saving money when it comes to hosting business related events. The time and money saved is generally significant, making it a wise choice for savvy business people in every field.

Antique Furniture and Hardware Choices

Most people opt for antique furniture and hardware pieces mainly because of the style and elegance they provide to the inner ambiance of an office, a home, or any other area. Prior to buying and collecting antique pieces however, the antique collector should first be equipped with the knowledge of where and how to shop. While antique lovers brag about the eminence of specific furniture pieces, they often refer to overall design, joints and wood, and often fail to recognize the embellishment that sets them apart as works of fine art. Carving, veneer, inlay and gilding are just are just some of the decoration methods that bestow antique furnishings their signature style.

There is a wide range of antique furniture and hardware companies that provide antique furniture and hardware restoration services. These companies stock a huge collection of home improvement tools which accommodates a diversity of needs and tastes. The products range from CD storage chests, Carisa accent tables, media storage cabinets, computer monitor stands, shelves to kitchen furniture and kitchen remodeling materials. In addition to stocking a broad line of refurbishment hardware for antique furniture, they also manufacture Tambour doors, sifters, flour bins and many other components for Hoosier cabinets.

If you intend to purchase antique furniture and hardware pieces, it is advisable you buy them from one shop that specializes in antiques furnishings. Such shops usually provide specialized customer services at more rational and affordable costs. These stores also provide a large collection of choices that suit a diversity of specifications and needs.

Antique garage sales and flea-markets have the best prices but one can also obtain such furniture from auctioneers. Before purchasing any furniture piece, it is good to have a background check on the furniture. A comprehensive appraisal of the procedure and schedule of preceding preservation measures for the furniture should be done.
Know when the furniture was last restored or refurnished. Make out the restoration method used as such information will be handy in evaluating the condition of the antique furniture. Most of the antique stores provide furniture refurbishment services, so one can have his/her antique restored in one of these stores if it wares out. It is important to know how to preserve these pieces as most of the antiques are made of wood which can be attacked by insects. There are many preservation measures that can be applied to protect antique furniture from damage.

Purchasing antique and hardware pieces has now become easier than ever as more and more people have come to appreciate opulence and class of antique and hardware furnishings. One can obtain a variety of antiques for home improvement and kitchen remodeling from online antique stores; however, one must be very cautious. Buy your furniture from trustworthy and certified dealers and never hand over cash until you are satisfied with the furniture you intend to buy. Know the shipping costs of the furniture you intend to by as most companies include the shipping cost in the price of the furniture.